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The Australian garage rock band Rolling Eyes released the EP – Rolling Eyes EP. 1 on the 20th.

Rolling Eyes

Rolling Eyes

There is something delightful about a band who make things very easy to understand in their release titles – which cover every question anyone may have about how many EPs are there and what is the name of the band.

The music is as blindingly succinct too and all you need to do is turn up the speakers then kick them louder and join in with the feisty compression of sounds that hurls in to the room. The quartet make not pretensions in their delivery which relies on its rawness of bleeding fingers and thumbs, cracked wrists and swollen tonsils as bass, guitar, drums and voice deliver their raucous energy, what a delight it is too.

I look forward to getting to Rolling Eyes EP. 1234 via the intervening 1 232 EP releases – in short order.

From Rolling Eyes EP. 1 (available on bandcamp) – the second of the four tracks Rock & Roll Radio.

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