Rolko – Another Dimension – Single Review

Rolko is the dream-synth project of Robert Hernandez from the USA.



Released a few days ago was his début single – Another Dimension.

The punctilious skins and steel of the drum-kit set the tidal flow of the just over four minute tracks. Sweeping strings and electronics swoop from high and low whilst screws of spiralling synth spill in and out of earshot, giving the track an easing flow that reminds of watching a brook burble over pebbles. The dour vocal which echoes through muted loud-hailer finds itself accompanied by bowed strings and horns, giving the piece – not a confusion – rather a melting-pot of pleasure.

Having spent time honing his thoughts on the delivery with lyrics written over the years, word arrives there is early contemplation of an LP and EP in the offing, which I look forward to hearing more by Rolko when these surface.

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