Rocquette – Go Pirates – Video

The Austrian rock band Rocquette were initially introduced in April 2012.

Rocquette - Photo by Robert Schöller

Rocquette – Photo by Robert Schöller

Whilst the material sounds very familiar, in the intervening couple of years Rocquette have developed more finesse as evidenced in Go Pirates a single released in the latter half of last year. It somehow seems appropriate that Rocquette released the video on Saturday 8th February, the second weekend of the 6 Nations Rugby tournament.

You may be wondering why I am only getting round to publishing this on the following Friday and why so few band and release reviews compared to audio and video only articles – for that an explanation is due. Someone I know is having a pretty bad run health-wise at the moment and five of us are working a rota to provide them with 24 hour a day support at home, which means I am not around so much at present and rather than leave blank days on the site, I am writing well ahead of publication time to ensure that even though it may not be standard fare for the website, at least the latest music videos are still being published. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. I hope you bear with me.

Go Pirates – Single – Rocquette is available on iTunes*.

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