Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers from Tavistock in Canada delivering alt-rock – centres around Robb Hill.

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers - alt-rock from Canada

Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers

Delivering music both with a band and as a solo acoustic act there is much to garner with Robb Hill. Darkly rooted lyrics are matched by equally purple tinctures of sound as the material explores the anxious tautologies of life. The listener is greeted by music which immediately latches into the brain with its baleful mournfulness of passing ships in a lighthouse swept stormy channel.

The sounds of Robb Hill with or without Brave By Numbers is a soul exploring space in which to dwell as the music flows through the bloodstream in delivery that no matter how loud you turn the volume switch you just want it louder to become at one with the music.

This is an act that again, to me, demonstrates the vagaries of the music industry, as although there have been international tours, there is a sadly lacking cohesion betwixt media coverage and value to the world of music, hence you find Robb Hill and Brave By Numbers being written about here, when by rights this is music that should be far better exposed.

Given the two different vehicles which are Robb Hill – two tracks, one with Brave By Numbers the other without. You know by instinct it is the latter I find most homogeneity.


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  1. Robb Hill is exceptional! Thanks for publishing this. Where can I find this album? It’s a shame this hasn’t gotten more attention.

    • If you click the ‘bc’ logo on the second track it will take you to where you can get hold of the various releases.

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