Rob Williams – Butte, Montana 1885 – Audio

On the 27th the US folk-rock creator Rob Williams releases the LP An Hour Before Daylight.

Rob Williams

Rob Williams

The eleven track album (available on squareup) contains a depth of flavourings which entices the listener to linger with the full release. Predominately acoustic guitar driven the album also brings in to play piano and slide to accompany the highly capable vocal. There is a deep-root of southern blues influence which affords the compositions a richness of sound that is unanticipated considering the frailty of instrumentation as the tracks thread between forlorn ballads and invitations to join in footstep.

The most recent track to surface from A Hour Before Daylight is the fifth, Butte, Montana 1885, which has a resonating air of sadness with a baffled percussion underpinning the song and necessarily makes it a composition I particularly enjoy.


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