Ritzy Park – Mama Earth – Audio

The Germany based alt-rock quintet Ritzy Park are finalising details for their début EP – What We Know.

Ritzy Park - photo by Julian Schwarzenberg

Ritzy Park – photo by Julian Schwarzenberg

The twists and turns of the first song to be revealed from the four track EP Mama Earth, which was itself released as a stand alone single on the 27th, holds the listener in a rested trance.

The primordial hue of the opening harmonised voices and natural percussion seeps deep in to the bone-marrow prior to the track opening up to a trippy-blues number and the music can be felt slowly pulsing through the blood stream with a welcome feeling of taking over the mind and body.

The quintet are able to bring together influences from their earlier years, with blends of South American, Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Northern European folklore generating a sound which has both an otherworldliness yet simultaneously an absorbing earthiness.


Mama Earth – Single – Ritzy Park is available on iTunes.*

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