Riscas – Right Kinda Day – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet Riscas released their latest track Right Kinda Day within the past few hours.



It is of little surprise Riscas are rapidly gaining visibility and Right Kinda Day can only boost that development.

The music soars in to the room carried on highly impressive guitar work, prior to flowing inside a warm melodic vocal with the percussion gradually geeing up the tempo and compaction, which slowly builds to the full layering of rhythm and lead guitars interweaving in luxurious texturing with bass tying everything together and the listener is encased in a calmly delivered, though highly active and unforced interplay between all the elements of the band, which leaves the audience not particularly aware of the hard work under the bonnet, akin to a swam furiously paddling, whilst serenely gliding over a lake.

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Right Kinda Day – Single – Riscas is available on iTunes.*

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