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The alt-rock project Richard Lomax & The Tontine from England are finalising the LP Postcards & Love-letters (From Somewhere You’ve Never Heard Of) for release later this year.

Richard Lomax & The Tontine - Photo by Federico Piseri (Milan 2015)

Richard Lomax & The Tontine – Photo by Federico Piseri (Milan 2015)

In advance, a new track from the forthcoming album has been made available – I Cycle.

Perhaps taking the track to a literal sense, threading through the number lays what sounds like the clack of a cycle wheel spinning on a Derailleur gear-chain as I Cycle brightens the room with its lightness of tone though, as with much of the material, the lyric is of more acerbic content.

Bottom string of the guitar features significantly, giving the track its sprightly feel as a trotting percussion invites the listener to bob on hip as though a Last Night Of The Proms attendee, whilst the vocal pirouettes around the octaves and as I look out of the window, to an overcast drizzly sky, I am certain I can see shafts of sunlight seeking to join in with I Cycle.

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