Rexxy from the Brooklyn in the USA is an alt-synth outfit centred around Monica Velasquez, who works alongside various musicians – the likes of Rob ArbeloDon Lavis and more as necessary.

Rexxy - alt-synth from the USA


Seeping out of the speakers in layers of dreamy clouds emerges the sounds of Rexxy and immediately the listener is transmogrified into a new spectral space as though gravity has been nullified. The dreamlike sequences float across the room as the audience tumbles in the magnetic sweeps.

Of some surprise is how the material can be played at full blast or at muted levels and either way it delivers a sentient reaction in the brain, each similar. Somewhat psychotropic, Rexxy, take the audience by the hand to the dance-floor in a weaving motion which reminds – if you have ever had the dream of being able to jump and keep in the air for an age – if you haven’t that will make no sense, but you are missing out on great dream sequences, the out-put will reference your missing space, should that be the case.

Whilst offering much sonically, there is a gentleness to the music, which allows the mind to rest easy and the body to float in easy sways.

A début ten track eponymous LP was released in December and judging by the initial offering, there is much that Monica Velasquez has to add to the world of music both immediately and for the future.


Rexxy – Rexxy is available on iTunes*

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