ReVerbed – Bury Me – Video

The English indie-rock band ReVerbed released the EP – Another Year, Still Here – on the 23rd.

ReVerbed - Another Year, Still Here - artwork

ReVerbed – Another Year, Still Here – artwork

With an assured confidence ReVerbed deliver music that has natural flow along with relevant hooks on which the listener can hang their coats.

Bury Me, the second of the four tracks on Another Year, Still Here, is a showcase in how to slice the music. ReVerbed, for all their self-evident abilities do not verge into cockiness, as they provide music in which they invest sweat and tears which, on offering, allows the audience to take a participatory part on the floor, or sit back and enjoy the melodies.

The combinations of the two guitars allows Bury Me, to express the texture as the combinations of voices gives the track depth, to which percussion maintains a pressing, forward progression and the bass delightfully sways between joining the party of the two six stringers and reminding them not to stray off the path.

Another Year, Still Here – EP – ReVerbed is available on iTunes.*

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