Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God from Manchester in England is the agit-rock collaboration of Rev Porl (Vocals), Stu Crozier (Bass / electronics), Jonnie Moran (Drums), Fish (Guitar), Steve Borsley (Trumpet) and Ros Hawley (Clarinet).

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God - agit-rock from England

Rev Porl And The Voice Of God

Combining a disparity of instruments and a voice that bears a startling similarity to John Cooper Clarke with a 21st Century re-take. If like me, you enjoy music which provokes thought Rev Porl And The Voice Of God are great territory to explore.

Having been in the underground for many a year, this is where it is likely to remain the case as the positioning is seeking to challenge and in the mainstream music media there is absolutely no interest in disturbing their smug little lives.

Were anyone were ever to take an interest, which is why I am asking you take some time out of your day, the combinations of the poetic lyrics which are semi-chanted to an accompaniment of relevant instrumentation seeks to raise pertinent questions about the status quo in a parody of the accepted norms.

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