Remedies from Birmingham in the USA is the dream-wave trio of  Skylar Davis, Paul Abbott and Kirby Russell.

Remedies - dream-wave from the USA


Formed a few years ago now Remedies have evolved from their earlier 2012 releases into a more flowing and self-assured sound, which has allowed the trio to make their music more expansive and alliterative, giving the out-put more presence and composure.

Park your feet up and rest back in the chair to make the most of the tracks, which wend their way round the head in delightful lo-fi production, giving the sounds a warmer feel. I would like to hear them recording onto analogue sixteen track where this would suit perfectly, however the recording techniques currently deployed make the best of digital and the notes are substantially fuzzed to achieve the desired effect.

The uncomplicated creations are delivered with perfect spacing and pace and this allows the music to drift lazily around the room in a haze, leaving the audience entranced. The surprisingly acerbic lyric which reflects on an environment falling apart at the seams, sit as a remarkable contrast to the music and the combination of the two marks the overall out-put for notice.

The most recent release, which came out earlier this month is the eight track Believers, which they are making available through bandcamp is a well invested just under forty minutes of listening pleasure.

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