REIGN from Adelaide in Australia is the rock quintet of Lee Gabriel (Vocals), Andy G (Lead Guitar), JD (Rhythm Guitar), Yiannis (Drums) and Niko (Bass).

REIGN - rock from Australia


A relatively new outfit REIGN have been beavering away in the studio preparing an eight track LP which is set for release imminently. Working within a well travelled and congested road the quintet wisely do not attempt to reinvent the wheel, rather add their own embellishments which they achieve admirably through the interplay between the two guitars.

Turning down the volume and letting the melodies carry the sound enables REIGN to deliver compositions which have a timeless and spacious quality. The quintet function well together, with each player given the space to develop their role without being drowned out, yet bringing it all together in a comprehensive inclusiveness.

I have had the opportunity to hear the release and REIGN have put together a well crafted début which affords them every opportunity to carve out some space for themselves. I wish them all the best muscling into the world of music and figuring out how to develop sufficient uniqueness to stand out from the crowd, whilst maintaining the essence at the heart of the music.

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