Regular Boys

The quintet of WillyAlecDanLee and Jake from Perth in Australia form the new-wave band Regular Boys.

Regular Boys - new-wave from Australia

Regular Boys

Reflective of the world in which they live, where opportunities are scarce and the future looks bleak –  Regular Boys remind me of the complexities of the quintet Division 4, also from Perth who were around in the early ’80s (not to be confused with the current Sydney based Division 4 born out of the ashes of The Bland) as the quintet contemplate both being ignored in their locale, whilst compounding this by living in a City which the rest of the Country also ignores.

Rather than asking the listener to reach for razor-blades in sympathy, much like Joy Division, Regular Boys are able to create beauty from the landscape which surrounds them.

A sublime vocal mewls its way out of the speakers whilst, like a cat treading through treacle, the guitars evoke of discordance whilst gracefully striding towards the foe as the battalion of drum pierces the room and a sloped bass drawls of an inevitable showdown.

A début five track EP Newcastle St Deli arose in October (available on bandcamp) and just this week a new single surfaced – Hunt which foretells of a new EP in the wings.

I look forward to following the development of Regular Boys over the coming years and urge you to get behind them before they become constipated.

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