Red Nova – No One Is Afraid Of Dying – Single Review

Red Nova is an alt-rock trio from Sweden.

Red Nova - photograph by Ketrojh Nomis

Red Nova – photograph by Ketrojh Nomis

Planning on releasing ten singles, over the course of the year the first of which is due for release on the 31st. This may make you wonder what happened to the first two months of the year – that would be Red Nova busy on tour and just returning from Japan.

No One Is Afraid Of Dying crunches its way through the speakers to make its introduction as though a mangle was dealing with tungsten nuts and bolts, before developing like an embryo. Red Nova are able, within the just under three and a three quarter minutes to take the listener through passages of wrought-rock, metal, progressive and theatrical without ever loosing the attention as each new direction of travel is blended seamlessly as though an organic process and the more the track develops so the listener becomes ever more engrossed, pondering where the journey will eventually lead.

Guitar and electronics become indistinguishable one from the other, whilst an ever alert percussion keeps No One Is Afraid Of Dying moving onwards, the thirsty bass sucks up any tarrying elements as though marshalling troops as the vocal travels from pugnacious to empathetic.

I look forward to catching up with other singles by Red Nova during the course of the year.


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