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Recent Passings is the new-wave project of Pat Tintle from the USA.

Recent Passings

Recent Passings

As you, if you are a regular reader will know, bass strings stretching far below the fret-board always capture my attention as they thump around the room and Recent Passings  blow sublimely around the room.

One can’t help but think of early CBGBs on hitting play as the laid-back pacing, though distinctly firebrand of fulminating frustration pulses through the speakers as combinations of drums and instrumentation claw their way out of the speakers akin to a malcontented sprite, whilst the flatness of vocal captures the essence of the backdrop, leaving the listener saddened by the fact there are not more than three tracks to hear (available on bandcamp) and I, for one, certainly hope to hear more in short order.

By means of an introduction – I Write About The Dead.

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