The thrash metal band Ravenous from Southampton in England is David Game (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Leon Maidment Millar (Bass), Rich Giles (Drums) and Adam Robbins (Rhythm Guitar).

Ravenous - Thrash Metal from England


Focussed primarily on the compositions rather than purely on the speed Ravenous create an entertaining sound in which both rapidity and structure play an equal balance enabling the quartet to deliver music which delivers on many levels. The end result meaning that listening to a set or an LP does mean variety rather than the variations on a chord structure with each sounding strikingly similar and this marks the band out from the crowd.

Whilst those who are hard core devotees of the genre will find the essential elements are in place, those with a more tepid approach will find plenty of familiar rock guitar structures with which to engage. The pulses of energy can be felt hurtling across the room before crashing against the ears lifting even the most sluggish of souls out of a trance.

Whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to find out why precisely, there does only seem to be a slow drip feed of material with the last release being their debut LP We Are Become Death which came out in February and given that the band originally formed in 2008 they are hardly rushing out recordings, but that I may get the opportunity to explore at another time. For now – what there is available to hear for those who don’t get a chance to see them live, Ravenous are worth adding to the collection.


We Are Become Death – Ravenous is available on iTunes*

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