Ras Kayaga

Ras Kayaga from Kigali in Rwanda is a reggae singer songwriter.

Ras Kayaga - Reggae from Rwanda

Ras Kayaga

Singing in Kinyarwanda the reggae derived material finds its way into the head like a diamond tipped drill-bit as the sounds resonate of a country still in turmoil dealing with differences much of the rest of the world can only vaguely appreciate.

Other than reggae off-beat, which regular readers well know always strikes a chord, Ras Kayaga offers music of positivity and realism, which I find as I type as such a contrast to the sounds of suburban wannabe gangsters in safe homes – aka – hip-hop / rap  and the banality of the plastic out-put of major label ‘angst’. This is music directly from the heart connecting with the audience in a very simple and unpretentious way.

As to be anticipated, by an underground act in the underground music of Rwanda, material is scarce and not of great recorded quality. For me the quality of recording is never an issue, as you well know, it is all about the genuine chords being struck and I proffer Ras Kayaga as a sound with much to add to the value to the musical tapestry.

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  1. I really like this way you do. My heart also wish to join.
    I use to try singing american Rocks .

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