Rampancy At Midnight

The duo of Juston and Michael from Lexington (Kentucky) in the USA combine to form the character-rock band Rampancy At Midnight.

Rampancy At Midnight

Rampancy At Midnight

An outfit bristling with ideas and visions Rampancy At Midnight avoid disappearing into the vortex of their own imagination by capturing flashing images which they transpose to aural depictions. Perhaps indicative of the world, around although unified as one. they work in silos which are finally melded together into a cohesive consistency that rest within reach of the audience.

Like a Dali collection each piece indicative of its own story, in collection the concept becomes more readily understandable and appreciated as a whole. After meeting a few years ago Juston and Michael gradually slipped apart to pursue their own avenues of creativity prior to reconnecting last year.

The back-drop to their first release reminds me, as it will those readers of longer stay with the German band Rigna Folk, first featured back in 2012 and still feature regularly with chapter updates, who base their premise on capturing the story-line of a central character plot, so to do Rampancy At Midnight.

Their début release Late Is The Hour (available on bandcamp) foretells of the preamble to a dark science fiction novel.

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