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Ralph Waldo is a retro-lofi duo from the USA.

Ralph Waldo

Ralph Waldo

Those of us of older vintage will recall having to warm valves prior to the wireless functioning and will be minded of the vintage. Those who contemplate that ‘wireless’ is something to do with the internet rather than radio receivers and no concept of a ‘valve warming’ will be even more befuddled than prior to starting to read the preamble – but trust me – think ’60s or earlier and it will all make sense.

Like settling in to your most comfortable position in your favourite armchair the seven tracks, lasting around twenty five minutes, on the LP Norman (available on bandcamp) will coddle you further as the hazy guitar strings, analogue synth and brushed percussion combine with a becalming voice resting the mind in a sympathetic synapse flow.

There is more added delight when one discovers the lyrics – akin to the M.A.S.H. theme song – are of acerbity rather than of equalisation with the auditory softness.

Song number five on the LP is Pool Days.

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