Raina Bee & The Hive – Witches Brew – Video

The US RnB quartet Raina Bee & The Hive release their début EP Stung on the 19th of November.

Raina Bee & The Hive - Stung - artwork

Raina Bee & The Hive – Stung – artwork

Having had the opportunity to hear three of the tracks on Stung I can only suggest this will be worth plucking from the shelves on the 19th.

The combinations of acoustic guitar and tempered bass nestled inside smartly delivered percussion are more than complemented by a sparkling voice is one you just want to hear more of in short order. With music stretching from funky-rock ‘n’ roll to jazzy-blues Witches Brew finds Raina Bee & The Hive in soulful mood with the deftly added wind instrument surfacing to accent phrases.


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