Råhypnos – Without A Voice – Audio

The Swedish melancholic-rock duo Råhypnos released their eponymous début EP today.

Råhypnos - Eponymous EP - artwork

Råhypnos – Eponymous EP – artwork

When introduced back in February the thinking was a seven track album. In the interim with more song writing having been undertaken Råhypnos elected to cut two tracks from the release which will surface with other material in due course.

The fourth of the five on the EP – Without A Voice casts dark shadows around the room as the distorted bass and vocal palls into the ears, prior to the keys surfacing and paring back to a full-bodied vocal that reminds of a vintage Bordeaux with its rich flavour. An intriguing extended bridge suddenly drops into the frame at about a minute and two thirds through the track and runs for over ten seconds – briefly even drifting to silence, before opening up to the second part of the just over three minutes fifty second track, which continues along a parallel theme where emphasised rolling drums are captured by the timpani along with bowed strings and the dual voices drifting apart from each other, which lay together in the opening section, giving Without A Voice a mystery and mastery of its own and my pick of the release.

Råhypnos – EP – Råhypnos is available on iTunes.*

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