Ragdoll – The World You Gave Us – Audio

The Australian rock trio Ragdoll release the LP Back To Zero on the 6th of May.

Ragdoll - photo by Elspeth Erickson Photography

Ragdoll – photo by Elspeth Erickson Photography

Ragdoll have a sound which draws influences through the decades and deliver songs which can trade punches with a head-banging session, a stadium rock venue or an open air rock festival without breaking into the bank. A talented trio, they are able to provide the audience with an emotively connective tissue that keeps one coming back for more.

I have had the opportunity of taking a listen to the approaching three quarters of an hour, eleven tracks, of Back To Zero (available via JB Hi-Fi) and at no point did I find the temptation to skip a track, though I did find the funkadelic opening to the closer – Kungfoolery somewhat surprising, until it quickly settled into the theme of the album.

From the album – the fourth track – The World You Gave Us.

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