From Liverpool in England come Magnus RomoFlorian WinterBen GladwinBendik Brevik and Richard Welsby, who from the indie-rock band Radiolane.

Radiolane - indie-rock from England

Radiolane – indie-rock from England

Radiolane produce music which finds the listener reminded of sounds of the last century, but they don’t wallow in the past, rather providing music which is at once retro and current. A group of talented musicians, the quintet it able to take the ears from calming melodic rhythms to energetic squealing guitars. Which ever way Radiolane play the bat, there is a strong focus on compositions and they are able to produce an out-put which is steeped in layers and textures, ensuring the audience has plenty to keep engaged, without ever making it an exercise in deep concentration.

Making a fine start Radiolane will be a band to keep an ear out for over the coming year and their début EP Here Comes The Rain Again, which came out last month and showcases the band in various guises, should rapidly establish a deeper fan-base. Already seeking to take their music out to an international audience, they played a short tour in Norway earlier this year.

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Here Comes the Rain Again – EP – Radiolane is available on iTunes.*

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