Radical Dads

Radical Dads is the alt rock trio of Lindsay Baker, Chris Diken, and Robbie Guertin from New York in the USA.

Radical Dads - indie rock from the USA

Radical Dads

Having been around a few years now, the trio have developed an easy comfort with each other, that is reflected in the interchanges between the players as Radical Dads deliver music wrapped in layers of sounds that gives the music multidimensional twists and weaves.

The layers and melodies with which the trio let loose on the audience are intended to demand focus and this they achieve in tracks which often extend to over five minutes and just to keep the listener on their toes Radical Dads also wrap songs up inside two and a half minutes.

Bringing together into a coherent voice, disparate genres and emotional contexts is not an easy feat, but they are able to achieve this balance, whilst equally not seeking to give the listener too easy a time as from time to time they step towards the boundaries of experimental psychedelia.

Whilst not something that will sit on my everyday play list, Radical Dads is certainly a band to be added to my ‘solve the puzzle’ playlist as music that demands and needs concentration for it to flower fully into the delightful spectacle that it is.

With such a range of sounds it is not possible to do justice to the output in a single song, so for a change here is the full thirty five minute nine track LP Rapid Reality which is available on iTunes*.


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