Rabbitfoot Capers

Rabbitfoot Capers from Bristol in England is the alt-folk quintet of Tracy Walker (Guitar / Vocals), James Caldwell (Guitar), Ace Scudder (Bass), Caroline Darracott (Keys / Vocals) and Lennie Stein (Drums / Percussion).

Rabbitfoot Capers - alt-folk from England

Rabbitfoot Capers

I am sometimes asked how I classify bands by genre, a very fair question methinks. Rabbitfoot Capers were classified as most bands are by the steps I took as I poddled off to find my cigarettes. I am trying to cut down (failing badly), not because I care about my health, rather abhor the taxes I have to pay, so my cigarette packets don’t lay on the table, but on a side table which entails me walking and the steps I take to reach the table is how I am able to classify bands, anyway enough of me and my sixty to eighty cigarettes a day… what about Rabbitfoot Capers?

On first glance this may appear as nothing more than hotel lounge music, but tarry a while and let the material flow across the floor and you will find an intriguing gathering of perpendicular stacks of colour drifting towards you capturing the mind in facets of perspective and an acerbic lyric. Languid instrumentation drifts across the room, collecting in the corner and rebounding with greater emphasis to catch up with a strident vocal which seems somewhat as a juxtaposition to the melodics underlying. However it all smartly coalesces the more you listen as Rabbitfoot Capers sleight a finesse that delights in tempting the audience to stretch yet further and it is up to us as the listener to make that final bridge.


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