R. Seiliog – Cloddio Unterdach – Audio

The Welsh glitch-electronica creator R. Seiliog releases the EP Shedhead on the 18th of November.

R. Seliog

R. Seliog

Robin introduces disjointed angularity to translucent ambience striking a dislocation that is reflective of ’80s free-form jazz  whilst giving it a sliding silicate on which to slip across the room in the track Cloddio Unterdach as it skates on slate that reminds of a free ascent of Twll Mawr.

Not for the faint-hearted – as to feint would be to wallow in misery –  R. Seiliog demands of the listener total commitment and akin to climbing on any carbon cliff – the end result for those who take the choice not be harnessed is a sense of having beaten the odds and a feeling of cathartic rejuvenation.

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