R.M. Hendrix

R.M. Hendrix from Cambridge (Massachusetts) in the USA, centred around the song-writer Michael Hendrix, provides the world with dream rock.

R.M. Hendrix - dream rock from The USA

R.M. Hendrix

Luscious layers of velvet cloak the room in warmth on hitting play as R.M. Hendrix proffer introspection for the listener. I can tell this review will take some time to write as I need to find myself a flotation chamber.

The fuzziness reminds me of dandelion seeds gently wafting in a summer breeze. The partially captured notes set a mesmeric backdrop to which the cerebrum works hard to fill in the gaps and limbic node activates in pleasure as the listener lays transfixed as the brain wrestles the conundrums.

A sound which has logic and emotion firing at odds with one another, cannot do anything than make a mark and regardless of where you sit on the musical style preference sheet, I would be saddened if this didn’t fire up interest.

A delightful release – the eleven track  Urban Turks Country Jerks is due to be coming out on the 28th on Moon Sound Records – and I look forward to spending many more hours in the cloak of R.M. Henrdix over the coming months and years.


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