QRD – The Guitarists – LP review

Silbermedia you will have come across many a time on the various reviews, as they are another out-fit who manage to unearth some fascinating sounds, which they send my way.

QRD - The Guitarists - artwork

QRD – The Guitarists – artwork

As a different project by Brian lays QRD – a fanzine dating back to the late 1990’s and just recently a new compilation LP appeared – entitled The Guitarists and it is exactly what it says on the tin – guitarists and their guitars.

I could review each individual track, there are fifty five of them spread over four hours of exploratory sounds, but not only would I be writing until next week, you would have fallen asleep by the time you got to the end of the article. To do so would also be less than half the story as the full release, running to almost four hours, comes with a fifty eight page digital booklet and just under two and a half thousand pages of interviews with the guitarists.

I could make a ‘pick of the release’ but attempting that, would be like catching wafts of smoke.

So – I would ask you to find a few hours to take a listen to the whole LP below.

The Guitarists with digital text is available from Silber.

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