Pure Joy – Katie’s Gone Home – Audio

The English garage-gaze band Pure Joy are set to release their début LP Bang Flower on the 1st of April.

Pure Joy

Pure Joy

With only one song I can hear – the quarter way mark through the dozen tracks on the album Katie’s Gone Home, it is a pleasure that to find a band in a hurry up. Too busy creating music that the rest of us can hear they only have a twitter account with 25 tweets (as I write) on it dating back to the beginning of the month, not yet any other Social Media Pages and no other information other than a PR firm missive, which may give cause for consternation, however, there is more to Pure Joy than just shovelling soil and money to meet a target as the music is delightful.

Katie’s Gone Home spirals around the room akin to biting into a sun ripened peach as the more gnawed the sweeter the taste. Pure Joy haven’t sat down at the table to join in with the conversation rather to tip it over and I enjoy them for their very conundrums of confrontation with the audience. At one moment an alignment of electronics and beat, the next a conflagration of polarising concepts to challenge the listener as pace and unanticipated acoustic takes centre stage, before rattling into a coiled serpent that spits from every corner of the room.

My only sadness is that after just under five and three quarter minutes Katie really has gone home.

For more of the newest bands from around the world – Emerging Indie Bands on Google+ is a decent spot to start.

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