Puppet Rebellion

Puppet Rebellion from Manchester in England is the indie rock quintet of Simon Monaghan (Vocals), Chris Carcamo (Drums), Paul Trochowski (Guitars), James Halliwell (Bass) and Craig Gibson (Guitars).

Puppet Rebellion indie rock from England

Puppet Rebellion

It is good to find that a hub of musical creativity, Manchester, is still able to throw up some instant fireworks and Puppet Rebellion shine brightly. The second review in succession of bands formed this year with only three songs I have been able to hear, each very different, but both having laid the groundwork with the innate ability to potentially become well-known names in the very near term.

An infectious bubble of activity bursts into the room and whilst the feet may be dancing there is also a lyrical context which rattles the brain cells. Whilst not overtly political, Puppet Rebellion is reflective of the realities of life and this gives the band an immediate relevance ensuring the listener finds much with which to connect.

Already having released their debut EP Chemical Friends (which is available on iTunes*) the band is concentrating on their live performances, which by all accounts are being well received. My advice, if you see them playing near you, go now, as next time you may well find you will need to take out a loan to afford the ticket prices, that is always assuming it won’t have already sold out.

I look forward to hearing much more of Puppet Rebellion.


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