Priory Jones And The Mission – makes a musical response to my thoughts

Priory Jones And The Mission who I reviewed back in October kindly wrote a song about how much I annoy them.

Priory Jones And The Mission - Keep Your Mouth Shut Tim

Priory Jones And The Mission – Keep Your Mouth Shut Tim

I ask for a moment of your time with this one – as it is a circular composition. After my review and subsequent thread of personal conversation I found that there was a band who took the time to respond to my thoughts in song.

It somehow seems churlish not to post the thoughts of Priory Jones And The Mission with their response to my comments.

A song of value, with a diatribe sharply focused within an ever narrowing funnel as the instrumental swirls around like the flow of water into a bath plug. The eviscerating vocal distils from the ethers of the eddies of the whirlpool, ever drawing the ears inwards until the conclusion, which, discards the extraneous external postulations.

Priory Jones And The Mission demonstrate their ability to create commentary, in a track which is far from their home territory and I look forward to when they head back to the home-straight, as ‘Tim’ demonstrates these are song-writers able to deliver pin-point relevant compositions.

A quartet of musicians with much to offer to the world of music and long may they continue to paint the images which they see.

My advice – Keep with Priory Jones And The Mission, regardless of their antagonism towards this website and this editor.

I will now do as suggested – ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut Tim’.

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