Priory Jones and The Mission

Priory Jones and The Mission an alt-indie band from Mansfield in England is Priory Jones (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboard), Ryan Flynn ( Guitar / Vocals), Daniel Kinton (Bass) and Bill Alex Charleston King (Percussion).

Priory Jones and The Mission - alt indie from England

Priory Jones and The Mission

Heading like a mole under the soil, Priory Jones and The Mission suddenly build a breathing space in the middle of the lawn that demands attention. This is a band with which to tarry a while.

Immediately resonating inside the tympanic membrane, the quintet reminds me of a quivering feather-tail as the guitars strut, whilst behind a sharp cutting percussion slices away. The bass meanders off to angles of division which gives the instrumentation its incisive protrusions and holding it all together is a necklace of reverbed vocal. The electronics add even more interest to the sound bringing an early ’80s influence to the context.

Priory Jones and The Mission are deft exponents of delay and this is what raises the material above the throng. On live performance, it will work, as long as the sound engineer has a handle on it and I hope they have the front to demand what they need, else it won’t resonate.

Turn up your delay and echo even further than the quartet have managed on recording and you will find a sublime space in which to watch the earth being turned.

I stumbled across Priory Jones and The Mission via a management connection through ScenicLife – thanks Michelle.

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