Prickle – Tell Me Why – Single Review

Prickle is the solo alt-rock project of Emily Wilson from Australia.



The début single by PrickleTell Me Why is due for official release on the 11th of December and it is with some pleasure I am able to share the track, which surfaced earlier today, with you.

Turn up the volume stand and scowl with air guitar ready then hit play and join in with Tell Me Why, you will instinctively find the chords and pace as Prickle delivers a track of such natural flow it could have been moulded from the pantheon of rock DNA.

This is not a pastiche of sound as Emily adds a tender touch to the grumbling genre, giving the material a lustrous reflectivity that still shines around the room long after the listeners accompanying virtual fret-work has been put to bed.

The only thing to ponder is – when can I hear more?

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