Pretty Ghouls

Asia Mock (Vocals), Sarah Stawski (Guitar) and T.J. Ghoul (Drums) from Detroit in the USA combine to form the garage-thrash trio Pretty Ghouls.

Pretty Ghouls - Thrash-garage from the USA

Pretty Ghouls

After a few reviews of quieter moments – time to turn the speakers as loud as they will go and then kick them to ensure you have all the traction possible and then hit play for the distorted sounds of Pretty Ghouls. There is nothing to do other than join in with the destruction and mayhem of the chaos which licks its way into the room.

‘Rock-a-billy meets its match’ may have been a more appropriate genre descriptor. Brevity is their watchword and unravelling the name of their one and only EP – the live recorded four track – Dead At The Dandy Teen Club (available on bandcamp) takes almost as long as the just over seven minutes it lasts.

Pretty Ghouls don’t attempt to be anything other than who they are, musicians who enjoy creating noise, of as much joy to the wider world, their carefree attitude is precisely the injection of energetic enthusiasm that the world of music needs and long they may continue to generate their concise perspicacity.

Long live rock and roll in the hands of the likes of Pretty Ghouls, I am off to find the blue suede brothel creepers that are an essential to accompany Outlaw Blues.

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