Polysemy is the psychedelic-electro project of Dalton Moehnke from Ashland in the USA.

Polysemy - psychedelic-electro from the USA


Meanderings of sound filter through the room accompanied by a backdrop of pulsating loops as Polysemy delivers, distorted vocal, dreamy spires and the occasional recognizable instrument.

As would be anticipated the tracks are fairly lengthy and the audience find themselves drawn into the mythical caverns and luscious forests that the music evokes in the mind. Whilst somewhat experimental in nature, the material is more ‘lucid dreams’ than stretching the envelope of connections, as Polysemy does offer a narrative to the tracks, indistinct and fantastical as it may be, but nonetheless discernible.

The sounds have a hypnotic effect which keeps the brain focussed and you can feel the synapses ebbing and flowing with the material. The longer you spend in the company of Dalton, the more you will find the mind expanding to take in the luxuriant textures which weave around the head.

Just over a year into existence Polysemy is well worth taking time out to explore, just make sure you don’t have any meetings to attend afterwards, else you will find your thought processes will still be coloured with psychedelic imagery.

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Pawing – Polysemy is available on iTunes.*

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