Pokal – Know Your Name – Single Review

The Sweden based gauze-gaze project Pokal was introduced last year.

Pokal - Know Your Name


The newest track to surface – Know Your Name.

Focused on very different energy to the initial introduction of Pokal, Know Your Name, initially glides across the room as though skating on freshly buffered ice with emphasis on the smoothly running blades of the synthetics.

There are the unanticipated stuttering steps which gives the output of Arne Barlindhaug Ellingsen its intrigue and out of nowhere pipes break the patterns of triangle and vocal giving the track an hypnotic bridge which stays in the mind. Thereafter Know Your Name girds its loins in a more compacted delivery with percussion become ever more persistent in a sound which grows more perpendicular as it progresses, before grabbing for hand-rail prior to recomposing and elegantly exit from the rink.

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