1. Wow, that’s beautiful. The cello is gorgeous, and that spoken word! Stunning. Checked on videos on YouTube, don’t see anything from them just yet. Have saved this in my ‘To Keep Checking On’ folder though. Just gorgeous work.

    Apparently it’s his birthday today too, so I’m sure he’ll be thrilled with the article 🙂 Thanks for the info.

    • So glad you enjoy it Leo! Yes, it was my birthday and yes I’m very thrilled and grateful to Tim and Emerging Indie Bands for the feature.

      This will be my first Point Cove EP and I’ll upload videos for the music on this new (empty at the moment) Youtube channel:

      I have made lots of music in the past and you can hear some more songs similar to this one on my personal page. Please don’t watch too many as there is a lot of terrible videos on there too but if you would like to explore further please check out: “The Lost Children Of Maryhill”, “Ashes Of Roses” and “The Man That Brought Revival To Lewis” here:

      But what I would like more than anything is more followers. I don’t have many and I just want some people who will actually listen and appreciate my songs when I post them rather than on my personal facebook when I only get 2 or 3 likes and then that’s my work done and dead. It’s not enough a reward for me after all the time I spend on them. So if you or anyone reading this enjoyed my music, give my page a like on Facebook would ya?:

      Thanks again for your kind words Leo and thanks again for the review Tim!

      Ed aka Point Cove x

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