Kyle Emerson Miller (Guitar / Vocals), Jake Supple (Bass / Drums / Vocals) and Ty Baron (Keys / Guitar) form the psychedelic-garage band Plum from Denver in the USA.

Plum - psychedelic-garage from the USA


Best to don a kaftan before settling back to trip-out with Plum as they revive the Age Of Aquarius in a kaleidoscope of glazed crystal that shimmers reflections around the walls. The trio are able to harness the elongated thirty plus minute tracks of their forebears and herd them into more manageable slices of between three and a half and six and a half minutes giving the music a more readily attainable accessibility, yet loose none of the luxury of a full blown LSD high.

Quietly delivered vocals submerged to the background of a blurry combination of electronics and strings while the drum slowly ponders of skins to hit, leaving the audience completely relaxed in the unhurried delivery, whilst engrossed by the elongated enunciation of phrases.

Plum are able to fill the time with music that curls around the ears in ever changing shapes of sound keeping the mind entranced by the slowly shifting patterns that feed their way into the brain, slowing the synapses to a syncopated pattern of sparks, as the whole body slows to the pace.


Light Years, Dark Years – EP – Plum is available on iTunes.*

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