Playing To Vapors – Twin Flame – Audio

The US angular-rock quintet Playing To Vapors released the LP Shred The Master Design on the 16th.

Playing To Vapors

Playing To Vapors

Akin to a spider weaving its web Playing To Vapors build complex silks of music threaded by fragile tapestry which derives its steadfastness via tensile strength. Not an album to approach when in a hurry to head else where, rather a tad over three quarters of an hour album to take in one sitting to dwell in the construction thereof.

One guitar bends and bows against another of intransigent linear progression, whilst bass calms the resulting conflict as percussion ties anchoring knots from which the vocal discovers harmonisation; All of which through the audience lays in approving silence.

My selection of the ten tracks is the second – Twin Flame.


Shred The Master Design – Playing to Vapors is available on iTunes.*

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