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The English synth-rock quartet Plaudits are due to release their début EP Hinterland on the 1st of April.

Plaudits - Hinterland - CD

Plaudits – Hinterland – CD

A finer example of a band who put up with my bad temper could not be found than Plaudits who put up with numerous rants and still persevered, even going so far as to send me a promotional Hinterland CD. My thanks to Steven GreenChris ReidRich Green and Evie Robertson for putting up with it and far more than that – for being on the verge of releasing an EP more than worth adding to the collection.

There is a sense of luxury that slips into the room, making the carpet feel more like a thick rug in which to roll, as Reasons (the second of the five tracks) unfolds. A more punctuated number than the rest of the release with a hammering percussion that darts like a mosquito looking for prey as guitar and bass punch into the ears. The synths pitch and pummel as though in a sparring match whilst vocal maintains the tempo. Yet despite the sense of urgency in the just under three and a half minute track, the listener doesn’t emerge feeling as though they have been in a street-fight, rather feeling as though a gold-threaded robe has been placed on the shoulders.

This is a band to get to know in the early stages of their development and I look forward to discovering more of the music of Plaudits over the coming years.


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