Plastique – The Noise Inside Me – Single Review

The England based electro-rock trio Plastique release the two track single The Noise Inside Me on the 17th of June.

Plastique - The Noise Inside Me - artwork

Plastique – The Noise Inside Me – artwork

Although an unchanged line-up since being introduced in 2013 the music of Plastique has evolved over time; becoming ever more cohesive and contemplative of the world around. The Noise Inside Me considers the realities in which the loss of self-expression to conform to peer group pressure leaves a feeling of inner turmoil and a sense of futility – resulting in track that asks the listener to take their head out of the sand and look around to see the evidence that contrary to the mantra ‘all is well’, the reality is – there is very little that is well.

Combining a menacing percussion with scrawling fuzzy guitar underpinned by filtered synths, Plastique create a song that reflects of personal frustrations, while the bitter-sweet vocal expressively argues the sentiments of The Noise Inside Me (which is available through bandcamp).

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