Plasticine Porters – Procrastination – Audio

The indie-folk duo Plasticine Porters from Northern Ireland will be releasing the EP Train Of Thought on the 30th.

Plasticine Porters

Plasticine Porters

With more than one scoop of ice-cream coming from the ’60s brit-rock tub – Plasticine Porters deliver music that has an easy flow of uncomplicated song structure flooded with dance steps and the listener can happily submerge themselves in the retro-flavours.

There is a saying that ‘less is more’ and Train Of Thought (available on bandcamp) is a perfect example as anything added to these individual songs would have been extraneous, though having said that –  having got in to the flow of the EP only having five songs to hear leaves the listener wishing there were a few more. My selection is the third track – Procrastination.

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