Placard an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina is Laura CarbajalJoaquín SerpeMiguel Barrenechea and Martín Rabaglia.

Placard - Indie Rock from Argentina


There is an undertow of influences from Velvet Underground as is common with many of the rock bands I have reviewed from Argentina over the years. The dark shifting moods of the music sit well in the ears as they explore a broad sweep of sounds that centre around a brooding core of rumbling bass / percussion.

Whilst delving into the darker recesses of the mind the material doesn’t leave the audience feeling on a downer, as Placard pack a powerful punch that makes its mark as the music is, in the main, swept along in a mass of activity in a fairly rapid tempo. Whilst undoubtedly possessing a ‘home-grown’ quality to the sound this, if anything, adds even more credibility to the material.

The quartet have been able to capture a core sense of genuine engagement that they are able to deliver in a fine thread of music. With three releases behind them they have gained the experience to deliver their slightly frayed sounds in a fashion that keeps the fans coming back for more and I will certainly be joining those wanting to get hold of the next release.


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