piu shok

piu shok is the alt-electro duo of Peter Dick (Vocals) and and Jonas Holle (Guitar / Electronics) from Berlin in Germany.

piu shok - alt-electro from Germany

piu shok

Floating across the room like digital clouds piu shok have an ambient dance texture, to which they have added refinements which gives the material a direct link to the listener, giving it a more connected feel. The individual notes are allowed to extend their stay giving the music a sense of timelessness, whilst the vocal gently drifts to the ears.

Tracks are not overly long, but due to the style of delivery seem to extend far beyond their duration, providing a gentle bed of down in which the listener can calmly lay. The combinations of acoustics and electronics enable piu shok to explore new paths within what is a well travelled genre. The home production values equally provide the out-put a closer relationship with the audience.

To be found regularly performing locally a selection of tracks are coming on-line, along with associated videos to provide a chance for those not in Berlin the opportunity to nestle in the comfort of the sounds that emanate from piu shok.

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