Pistols At Dawn – Please Report Anything Auspicious To A Member Of Staff – Video

Pistols At Dawn is an English agit-rock quintet.

Pistols At Dawn

Pistols At Dawn

Wrapping up their music in calmly delivered eddies of progressive rock Pistols At Dawn are able to add a more poignant scornful regard to the world of servitude by the 99% to the 1% than is often attained by full-frontal assault.

From the ten track LP See You Home, released earlier this month, the sublimely and sardonically entitled fifth – Please Report Anything Auspicious To A Member Of Staff – which snuffles out of the speakers in blocks of scathing contemptuous mathematical angularity railing against the ‘Global Corporates’ who avoid any sense of geo-political responsibility whilst enticing their underpaid staff to growl against those not from the same geo-political boundary and thereby ensuring a panic-stricken rush of desire to dance to the tune of those by whom they are abused purely for entertainment – akin to the ‘ gladiatorial games’ in the amphitheatres of the Roman Empire – for the amusement of the hand-picked crowd.


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