Pipsqueak from Monterey in the USA is the garage rock band of Miranda Zipse (Bass / Vocals) Jacob Ellzey (Guitar / Vocals) and Tyler Beron (Drums).

Pipsqueak - photo by - Cristobal Miguel

Pipsqueak – photo by – Cristobal Miguel

Hurtling around the room like an escaped hamster, Pipsqueak deliver high-octane fuzziness that dives into the ears causing the listener to join in the frenetic activity. That isn’t to say that the sound is uncontrolled as a technique often employed by the guitars is to cut out of tempo, which gives the music a superb definition.

It is of little surprise that Pipsqueak find themselves busy on the live circuit with their infectious enthusiasm which sears into the audience with a well structured set of songs. The vivacity of the live performance is not lost in recorded translation as the band focuses on the joy of the music rather than perfection, which as you know is always my preference.

The only sadness, is that there is limited material to hear for those not able to get out to see them live and I hope this is rectified over the coming months, as I for one, hope to be able to hear much more of the bubbles of joy that are Pipsqueak.

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