Pink Turns Blue – Dirty – Audio

The German synth-rock trio Pink Turns Blue are set to release the LP The AERDT – Untold Stories in April.

Pink Turns Blue

Pink Turns Blue

The first track to surface from the album Dirty minds the listener of the a night at SOUND in Tiergarten in the early ’80s as the damp synths drip off the wall and blossoming guitar scribes arcs of fluorescence, whilst scruffy percussion tips along the footsteps of the listener as bass scurries along the sounds and a floating vocal tempts the audience with promises of unconscionable pleasure.

Pink Turns Blue deliver a sound which is best enjoyed when scattering clothing with a partner and a lack of mental confine to explore physical and intuitive connections allowing the music to roll like a massage over intertwined bodies and minds.

Whilst of retro-temperament Dirt is able to find connection with the more timid mores of the 21st Century as the lust is replaced with an inquisitive hesitancy giving the track an unexpected fragility and temerity.


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