Pink Narcissus – Home – Single Review

Pink Narcissus from England have a new single, which is the first recording with their new guitarist Liam McMillan.

Pink Narcissus -Home - Artwork

Pink Narcissus -Home – Artwork

Home stands as a marker to the forthcoming EP Pig Miracle Day.

As is to be anticipated – the song is a heartfelt rendition of the tumult of life and circumspection as once again Pink Narcissus explore themes of self-deprecation, seeking answers to inner turmoil.

The music forms a swirling framework to allow the tortured vocal to deliver an emotional rendition of another fine example of the exposed inner workings of a troubled mind.

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  1. I’ll be honest, PN have lost their way. Paddy may have been a train wreck but he was the musical heart of PN. Their EP, Close Your Eyes Shield Your Ears, has been their best offering to date. This track lacks direction. That said, it’s 100 miles apart from their last EP that had some great songs but the production was awful. I couldn’t listen to more than 30 seconds before it hurt my ears. This track? Not as bad, but it’s not PN; it’s messy and scrappy and still doesn’t capture PN properly. It’s not the PN I grew to love and, sadly, they have lost a long term fan. Oli deserves a much better platform for his poetic, honest lyrics.

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