Pillar Point – Part Time Love – Audio

The US alt-synth project Pillar Point releases the LP Marble Mouth on the 22nd of January.

Pillar Point - Marble Mouth - Vinyl Test Pressing

Pillar Point – Marble Mouth – Vinyl Test Pressing

The first of the nine tracks, Part Time Love pulsates into the room as the jagged analogue synth rumbles around the walls with hushed shadowy vocal sliding in behind the evolving melodies, which start to fold one into the other, giving the track an absorbing and unexpected articulation.

The just under four minutes of Part Time Love pass too quickly as the bass and drums mesmerisingly revolve around the head and this is one of those songs that you just wish made originally as an extended 12″ vinyl version.


Marble Mouth – Pillar Point is available on iTunes.*

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